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July 24th 2017


1. Make web sets for your site or to make sets that you have on your site for others to download wether for free or to sell.
2. Use them to decorate your commercial site or make graphics for your commercial site.
3. Make awards, sig tags, stationery, etc wether it be for free or to sell
4. Do not pass any tube through ANY Email list..or group.
5. Do not add any tube to a CD collection that you are selling or giving away.
6. Do not put any tube on your site for others to download.
1. You have to colour the outlines before offering them on your site
2. You can make Tubes from them and put them in your members area
3. You can not put the outlines on your site in their present form or pass them along
1. The tutorials results are yours to use as you wish
2. You can not take the tutorials themselves and put them on your site
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